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Brand origin: Japan
Nippon Paint is Singapore's favourite Paint brand. In 1965, the Japanese paint product company, Nippon Paint, sets up its first paint manufacturing plant in Singapore. Nippon Paint Singapore covers a wide range of interior paints & exterior paint. Nippon Paint's interior paint series come in a vast spectrum of classic and contemporary colour wall paints, with finishes ranging from matte to glossy. The breakthrough of technology allow Nippon Paint to create specialised paints such as include easy-to-wash coatings and anti-bacterial paints that protect your family as well as your walls from harm. With Nippon Paint colours creation machine, thousand of different paint colours can be created. Some of the well known "Interior Paint" series include Nippon Paint Odour-less All-In-1, Nippon Paint Odour-less Easy Wash, Nippon Paint Odour-less Medifresh, Nippon Paint Anti Mould Ceiling Paint, Nippon Anti Mosquito Paint, Nippon Paint Easy Wash with Teflon, Nippon Paint 3-in-1 Medifresh, Nippon Paint Vinyl Silk and Nippon Paint Vinilex 5000. Exterior paint" series include Nippon Paint Weatherbond, Nippon Paint Weatherbond Algaeguard, Nippon Paint Roofguard and Nippon Paint SolaReflect. "Wood and Metal Paint" series include Nippon Paint Bodelac 9000, Nippon Paint Aqua Bodelac and Nippon Paint SolarShield. Nippon Paint Pylox Spray Paint comes in a wide selection of colours in gloss, metallic and fluorescent finishes.

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