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Looking for the best safe for your home or office?
Horme Hardware carries a massive variety of safes to protect your money and valuables against theft and burglaries. Home safe box and hotel safe box are the foremost common small secure safe found in most home and a must for security conscious individuals.
Home safe is the best safe for your budget because it is cheap but secure. These safes are however without fireproof or waterproof features. Security safe provide advanced protection against theft. Special designed safes like laptop safe, drawer safe and depository safe (drop safe) is available to protect against unauthorized access. Depository safe is unambiguously designed to safeguard money, receipts, deposit slips, keys and other valuables and it is ideal for retail stores. If your shop is located in a flood prone or low-lying area, a waterproof safe (water-resistant safe) will come in handy to protect your valuables. Fireproof safe (fire-resistant / fire rated / fire protecting / fire security safe) provides you additional protection against fire. Safe chest is ideal for security personnel to move valuables from one location to another.
Which is that the best lock for your safe? Key, mechanical (dial combination), electronic (digital) or bio-metric?
Key safes have the unchallenged advantage of being straightforward and customarily less expensive. Misplacing the safe key will cause major problem. Dial safes have a very low risk of faults, but, on the opposite hand, it provides a far more restricted range of combinations. Convenience is that the main reason for choosing an electronic safe. Electronic safes can have the combination modified by the user way more simply than dial safe. Biometric safes or fingerprint safe box enable users to open with a touch and it remove the hassles of remembering the various password combination.
You can find the best safe for your money from the best selling brands including Sentrysafe and Morries Safe. Other safe brands like Duro Safe, Nika Safe and Nikawa may be found here in Horme Hardware Webstore, Singapore's leading online DIY hardware supplier for safe box & safe chest.
We have several choices for you, but it's important to choose the one that provides you peace of mind knowing that your family are going to be protected and your valuables are stored securely.
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