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Horme Hardware evolved from the restructuring of household brand Homely Hardware in 2013.
We have 4 trade centres at Ubi, Changi, Buroh and Woodlands.
We are the distributor for many big brands like Stanley, Dewalt, Metabo, Irwin Tools, Louisville Ladder, etc.
Our flagship Ubi trade centre is also Singapore's largest DIY hardware store standing at 10,000 square feet, with about 10,000 products available in the shopfront.

  General Enquiry

Q. Why should I shop in Horme webstore?

Q. Where are your locations?

Q. Do you sell at other online platform?

Q. Do you do delivery?

Q. Do you do roadshow?

Q. Do you do repairs?

Q. Can I sell my products through Horme?


 Online Ordering

Q. How do I place an order?

Q. Do I need an account to order?

Q. What can I do if I’ve forgotten my account password?

Q. What are the required steps to order?

Q. What is the minimum amount for Horme webstore's purchase?

Q. How long will it take to process my order?

Q. What are the payment modes available?

Q. I was adding the item(s) into the cart, but I had to attend to something urgent, how can I save the cart?

Q. Will the "saved" cart be available on another computer?

Q. I would like to make a bulk purchase for XXX, do you have enough stock?

Q. What if the item(s) runs out of stock after I have ordered or made payment?

Q. I am ordering from oversea, can you help to do GST refund?


 Corporate Account / B2B Online Ordering

Q. My company requires a quotation, can you provide us with one?

Q. Do you offer credit terms?

Q. I have multiple purchasers, how do I manage their purchases online?

Q. How do I signed up for B2B Online Ordering Program?

Q. Can I convert my existing email address to B2B online ordering account?



Q. What is the currency used on your webstore, does it include GST?

Q. Is there any price difference for products displayed online and for products found in your trade centres?

Q. We cannot find certain item from your webstore, do you have it?

Q. An item is out of stock, when will it be back in stock?

Q. An item is marked as obsolete, will it be back in stock?

Q. An item show the message "Not available for direct purchase on webstore, email to enquire", what does it means.

Q. Why is there "Quantity Discounts" label in some of the products.

Q. Do your Ubi / Changi / Woodlands / Buroh Trade Centre, have certain item(s)?

Q. How long is the warranty for X?

Q. I have a product related question, can I ask you?


 Delivery / Self Collection A.K.A Click And Collect

Q. Where do you deliver?

Q. How much is the delivery fee?

Q. What are the limitations to the delivery of my order in terms of dimensions and weight?

Q. I wish to self collect, can you waive off the delivery fee?

Q. Can I request the date and time of delivery?

Q. What do I do if I have changes to my order?


 Rate & Review

Q. Can I write a review about the product?

Q. How many reviews can I write?

Q. How long will I have to wait to see my review published?

Q. Will my review be published even if I rate it 1 Star?

Q. Who are Bazaarvoice?


 Promo Code / Referral

Q. I tried to apply a minimum $50 purchase promo Code on a $70 order but it say "We are sorry but you did not meet the minimum purchase requirement of $50"

Q. How do I get promo Code?

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