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Looking for the best mosquito repellent for dengue or Zika? Cost of hiring experts to do pest control may be expensive and why not do you own pest control? Horme Hardware carries an enormous variety of insect & pest control products products. The pest control products are what you need to keep free of household pests like ants, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rodents, birds, centipedes, flies, house lizards, silverfish, wood worms and snakes. The type of application include bait, electric, gel, liquid, spray and trap. Ant control products like ant gel and ant bait. Termite control products include termite powder. Bedbug control products include bed bug spray, bed bug sachet. Mosquito control products like mosquito oil, mosquito repellent and mosquito magnet. Cockroaches contol products like cockroaches trap, cockroaches bait and cockroaches gel. Rat and mouse control products like rat cage, mouse trap and rat glue. You can find great deals on pest control products from the best selling brands including Olee. Others brands like Baygon, Powerpac and Steve & Leif can also be found here in Horme Hardware Estore, Singapore leading online DIY hardware supplier for insect & pest control products.
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