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Horme Hardware carries an enormous variety of cutting & sawing tools from hacksaw, bow saw, multi saw, job saw, nipplers. pliers, glass cutter, to bolt cutter. Pliers such as crimping pliers, linesman pliers, cutting pliers, needle nose pliers, slip joint pliers, snap ring pliers, combination pliers and wire strippers can also be found here. You can find great deals on cutting & sawing tools from the best selling brands including Stanley tools, Milwaukee Tools and Irwin tools. Others cutting & sawing tools like A Plus tools, Allpro tools, Ampco. Bahco Tools, Eclipse Tools, Giken Tools, Hit tools, Ishii Tools, Kanzawa Tools, King Tony tools, King TTC tools. Knipex tools, KTC Kyoto Tool, Lenox Tools, M10 tools, Mars Tools, MTC tools, Orex Tools, Sellery tools, Snah, Spero Tools Starrett, Super, Taiyo Picus, Top tools, Toyo and Virutex can also be found here in Horme Hardware Estore, Singapore leading online DIY hardware supplier for cutting & sawing tools.
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