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Some tools might be dispensable but have a high-quality hammer in the house is a must. nailing, demolition and construction. Hammers are used for a wide range of projects, including nailing, demolition and construction. Our range varies in shape, size, and structure. The wide variety of designs lets you find one that's right for your project. Horme Hardware carries an huge variety of demolition tools from cold chisel, hammer, mallet to pry bar. Hammer such as ball pein hammer, claw hammer and sledge hammer can also be found here. Wrecking bar (Crow Bar / pry bar) is ideal for heavy demolition work and precise nail pulling.Cold chisels come in a variety of sizes, from fine engraving tools that are tapped with very light hammers, to massive tools that are driven with sledgehammers. Cold chisels are forged to shape and hardened and tempered (to a blue colour) at the cutting edge. You can find great deals on demolition tools from the best selling brands including Stanley tools. Others woodworking tools like Allways tools, Armstrong tools, Dogyu tools, Hans tools, Hunter tools, King Tony tools, M10 tools, Meco tools, Mokuba Tools and Top tools can also be found here in Horme Hardware Estore, Singapore leading online DIY hardware supplier for demolition tools.
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