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Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defect

All Warranty covers only manufacturer's defect

Warranty will not cover defect or damages resulting from:

  • Attempted unauthorised repairs, tempering, alternations, modifications, additions and/or deletions
  • Accident, mishandling/negligence, abuse/mistreatment, loss and/or other calamities whether caused by nature or negligent act/omission.
  • Usage not in accordance with the operation instructions manual.
  • Normal wear and tear.

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Brand Products Period Remark
Acision Laser Measure 1 Year  
Advante Water Filtration 1 Year  
Amax Air Compressor 6 Months  
Assure Wheelchair 1 Year Frame Only
B&N Bench Drill 3 Months  
Black & Decker Powertools 1 Year  
Powertools Batteries & Chargers 1 Year  
Bosch Electrical Measuring Tools 1 Year  
Standard Duty Powertools 6 Months  
Heavy Duty Powertools 1 Year Check list here
Outdoor Powertools 6 Months  
Powertools Batteries & Chargers 6 Months  
DAB Garden Pump 6 Months  
Dewalt Electrical Measuring Tools 3 Years Effective - Apr 1st 2017
Powertools 3 Years Effective - Apr 1st 2017
Powertools Batteries & Chargers 1 Year  
Dongcheng Powertools 1 Month  
Fiac Air Compressor 6 Months  
Gei Generators 3 Months  
Grandeur Industrial Fan 3 Months  
GYS Battery Charger 1 Year  
Inverter Welder 1 Year  
Hikoki (Hitachi) Powertools 6 Months  
Homelite Powertools 1 Year Only powertools bought from Horme Hardware
Honeywell Doorbell 2 Year  
Instapure Tap System 1 Year  
Kapro Laser Measure 3 Months  
Jetmaster Pressure Washer 6 Months  
Karcher Electric Brooms  1 Year  
Garden Pump 6 Months  
Pressure Washers 1 Year  
Steam Cleaners 1 Year  
Vacuum cleaners 1 Year  
KDK Fans 1 Year  
Kio Hosist & Winches 3 Months  
Klenco Vacuum Cleaner 1 Year  
Leatherman Multitool 25 Years  
Majesta Air Tools 6 Months  
Makita Powertools 1 Year  
Maxspid Emergency Light 1 Year  
Metabo Powertools 6 Months  
Milwaukee Powertools 6 Months  
Mistral Fans 1 Year  
Morries Home Appliances 1 Year  
Safe Box 1 Year Locking Mechanism Only
Nilfisk Pressure Washer 1 Year  
Ryobi Powertools 6 Months  
Samsung Digital Lock 2 Years 1st Year Full Warranty
2nd Year Spare Spart
Sanwa Multimeter 1 Year  
Sentrysafe Safe Box 1 Year Locking Mechanism Only
Sona Home Appliances 1 Year  
Industrial Fan 3 Months  
Stanley Electrical Measuring Tools 2 Years Effective - Apr 1st 2017
Powertools 2 Years Effective - Apr 1st 2017
Powertools Batteries & Chargers 1 Year  
Windspeed Magnetic Drill 6 Months  
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