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Hand Washes & Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers can be described as “an alternative to handwashing with soap that do not require water”.
Different types of hand sanitizers are composed of different active ingredients.
There are two types: alcohol-based and nonalcohol based.
Alcohol-based hand sanitizer products are known to contain a specific percentage of alcohol such as “ethanol, npropanol, or isopropanol".
Non-alcohol based hand sanitizers generally contain a chemical compound, benzalkonium chloride.
In addition, hand sanitizers can be further categorized by their consistency: liquid, gel, and foam.

Horme Hardware carries an enormous variety of hand washes & sanitzers. You can find great deals on hand washes & sanitzers. from the best selling brands such as Dettol & Kimberly Clark. Other hand soaps & sanitzers such as Supersteam. can also be found here in Horme Hardware Webstore, Singapore leading online DIY hardware supplier for washes & sanitzers.
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