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Brand origin: Switzerland
W. J. Hagerty founded Hagerty in 1895 in the United States. In the beginning, Hagerty developed and marketed the Hagerty Silver Polish. This product was the first ever to offer a long lasting and perfect shine for silver items. Then, a complete range of Hagerty Silver Care products was created, specifically for fine silver items and cutlery. Later, the offer was extended to the care of precious personal items (gold, silver, precious stones and pearls) with the Hagerty Jewelry Care line. The Hagerty Floor Care products were then added to the assortment. Recently, Hagerty has launched a complete line of Multi-Surface cleaners. Hagerty strongly believes that the key to its success is to constantly maintain a premium quality level for its entire product assortment. Hagerty, who has been associated with the tradition of excellence for over 120 years, is now a worldwide leader and the brand has become a reference in the luxury trade. Today, Hagerty is present in over 70 countries.

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